Betsy McCright '77

It is truly a testament to NDA that four years spent in a very special place at a very young age can continue to positively impact my life experience and career 41 years later. NDA faculty and staff encouraged each of us to pursue our own unique brand of “amazing.” For me, amazing was defined by choosing electives that satisfied my love of languages and curiosity about the world, by engaging actively in debates without fear of judgment or criticism, by knowing that women of my generation did not have to take second place to men in the career realm, by putting “love in action” to help those less fortunate, by learning to persevere in times of difficulty, and to balance it all with a hefty dose of wonder, adventure, fun and humor. These gifts have travelled with me through college, law school, 9 years in the United States Navy, the loss of a brilliant young husband to cancer, world travel, and the ultimate decision to leave billable hours and the traditional practice of law behind to pursue almost thirty years of work with people of low income in the affordable housing industry. I believe to the core of my being that it is incumbent upon all who have experienced their brand of “NDA amazing” to share the gift with NDA students now and into the future. - Betsy McCright '77